Douglas Brent West


Douglas B. West

Professor Emeritus, Math Dept., Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, IL 61801
Email: dwest|at| ...... Office: 217-333-1863 (rarely)  
Currently based at Zhejiang Normal Univ. (Jinhua, China)

DBW Resources and Links

  • Links to combinatorial conferences

  • The Grammar According to West (periodically updated)

  • Open problems pages (a few classical problems)

  • Open problems archive (old collections in postscript)

  • Drawing pictures with gpic: discussion, macro package

  • Glossary of terms in combinatorics

  • Preprints, Short CV, Academic descendants, (temp1, 2, 3, 4)



Combinatorial Mathematics (PUBLISHED!) (resource page)

Cambridge University Press, 2020, 969+xx pages, nearly 2200 exercises, nearly 500 figures, more than 2300 references, ISBN 978-1-107-05858-3. Can be ordered from CUP at this link, which also enables instructors to request an examination copy. The book is a thorough introduction to combinatorics at the graduate level, with 16 chapters organized into four Parts: Enumeration, Graphs, Sets, and Methods (detailed contents and preface here). It assumes the mathematical maturity of graduate students but no prior combinatorics. It contains ample material for a two-semester sequence and is also suitable for a one-semester background course leading to advanced courses (cover, promo photo). The resource page lists errata, comments, and supplementary problems.

Introduction to Graph Theory and MATH 412

Second edition: Prentice Hall 2001, 588+xx pages, 1296 exercises, 447 figures, ISBN 978-0131437371 (now printed as paperback Classic Edition, 1st ed 1996). Used at many schools in the U.S. and abroad. Suitable for undergraduate or graduate use, with an extensive final chapter of advanced topics beyond the undergraduate course. Instructors can obtain the solution manual from the publisher after providing the requested information for identification.

Mathematical Thinking: Problem-Solving and Proofs (with John D'Angelo) and MATH 347

Second edition: Prentice Hall 2000, 412+xx pages, 930 exercises, ISBN 0-13-014412-6 (1st ed 1997). Used at many schools in the U.S. Instructors can obtain the solution manual from the publisher after providing the requested information for identification. Has been used in a variety of courses: Transition courses (introduction to proofs), Seminar courses in problem-solving, Proof-oriented introductions to discrete mathematics, Basic analysis courses.

The Art of Combinatorics

Four advanced graduate textbooks and research references on classical and modern combinatorics. Preliminary versions available by special arrangement for use in specialized graduate courses; not available for individuals.

  • Volume I: Extremal Graph Theory and MATH 581

  • Volume II: Structure of Graphs and MATH 582

  • Volume III: Order and Optimization and MATH 583

  • Volume IV: Arrangements and Methods (old contents in ps) and MATH 584

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