A Talk of Prof. Zhizheng Zhang from Luoyang Normal University


SpeakerProf. Zhizheng Zhang (Luoyang Normal University)

Time1530 to 1630 on 29 (Wed.) , August 2018

Place21 - 417

TitleMultiple Basic Hypergeometric Series and Mock Theta Function

AbstractThe theory of basic hypergeometric series consists of many known summation and transformation formulas. These basic hypergeometric series identities frequently appear in combinatorics and in related area such as number theory, physics, and representation theory of Lie algebras. Multiple basic hypergeometric series associated to the unitary group An (or Un+1), Cn and Dn have been investigated by various authors. Many different types of such series exist in the literature. In this talk, we give

1.Un+1 analogue of AAB Bailey lattice (Agarwal, Andrews and Bressoud) and its application;

2.Un+1, Cn and elliptic generalizations of WP-Bailey pairs and their application;

3.A WP-Bailey lattices and its Un+1 analogue;

4.Mock theta function in terms of q- hypergeometric double sums.

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